23 Entrepreneur Lifestyle Picture Quotes

Sometimes it’s okay to splurge a little after putting in the hard yards on the road to success.

23 Entrepreneur Lifestyle Picture Quotes


car exhaust telling doubters I told you so

seek advice from someone you're willing to trade places with

work until expensive becomes cheap

ambition on point

work to live

first word as a baby was ball

confidence only outfit you can't buy

intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings

will remain a dream if you hit snooze

loudest boos come from cheapest seats

not afraid of commitment - don't like time wasters

more moves less announcements

treat cash like employees not a boss

two words you won't hear me say - I can't

no discounts on success

never be over educated paid or dressed

either win or learn

be a boss date a boss build an empire

I've seen the bottom now I'm ready for the top

business before pleasure

success is the best revenge

find a way not an excuse

fear of average



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