Cristiano Ronaldo Paid For A 10-Month-Old Boy’s $83,000 Brain Surgery

Erik Ortiz Cruz is a 10-month-old boy from Villaluenga de la Sagra, Spain who was born with a brain disorder called cortical dysplasia.

His family and friends have been raising money to pay for a surgery that costs $83,000. When they asked Cristiano Ronaldo to donate a pair of cleats and a jersey to auction off, the Real Madrid star decided to go ahead and cover the entire surgery, AS reports.

Ronaldo makes about $461,000 a week after taxes, so the expense isn’t all that much for him. But it’s still a remarkable gesture from a guy who has a reputation for being a big of a prima donna

Here’s a picture of Erik with the signed stuff Cristiano has sent him, apart from getting in charge of his surgery.

SOURCEBusiness Insider
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