How to Be a Lucky Entrepreneur: Are You Developing These 7 Habits?

I was in the right place at the right time.

It was November 2002, and I received an email from a friend that changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.

Without receiving, reading, and taking action on that email, I would never have started blogging or built the business I have built.

I often reflect on this serendipitous start to the current chapter of my life – what would have happened if I’d not opened that email?

I feel lucky that I did… but was it just ‘luck’?

Earlier this year I was asked to travel to Boston to deliver a 12-minute ‘Bold Talk’ at Hubspot’s Inbound conference.

I loved the challenge of doing a shorter form presentation – particularly because I was invited to speak on something other than my normal topic (that of blogging).

I decided that the focus of my talk would be ‘luck’ in entrepreneurship. It definitely seems to play a part for many successful entrepreneurs but what is behind that luck?

In this short talk, I identify 7 habits of lucky entrepreneurs and challenge us all to make time to fit them into the way we live our lives.

Are You Developing These 7 Habits? Share us your thoughts in the comment below!!