Another Bermuda Triangle Has Formed Near Japan

Japanese oceanographic research vessel Kaiyō Maru No. 5 was sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances of nine other Japanese ships in the same notorious location – The Dragon’s Triangle. This mission proved to be unsuccessful, as Kaiyo Maru also vanished with no trace. Is this story just a myth, or is something really strange happening in the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific Ocean?


– There are about 12 small sea regions with a similarly bad reputation. They’re called Vile Vortices.

– It’s situated on the opposite side of the globe from the Bermuda Triangle, really close to Tokyo, Japan. Throughout history, it’s earned itself several menacing names like the Pacific Bermuda Triangle, and the Dragon’s Triangle.

– Due to the lack of research, it’s hard to outline precisely where the Dragon’s triangle actually begins and ends, but it supposedly lies in an area of Izu Islands south of Tokyo.

– This story is the beginning of the alleged supernatural events linked to the Dragon’s Triangle. In the 13th century, Mongolian Khan Kublai, the grandson of Genghis Khan, planned an invasion of the Japanese islands.

– Most of its bad reputation was earned in 1974 when a writer and investigator of the supernatural, Charles Berlitz, released his book “The Bermuda Triangle”.

– The most paranormal thing about this story is how many people believed in it. The only person with enough skepticism to conduct his own investigation of events was a modest librarian, Larry Kushe.

– Japan is based upon volcanoes; all the islands here are the product of their underground activity. Countless little volcanic pores are scattered along the bottom of the ocean around Japan. Their eruptions would look like flashes of light coming from the water. The water around would grumble and appear unstable as if something is moving and roaring in the depths.

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