Rentomo: Promising startup founded by Ex Amazon(ers), taking shared services / products to the next promising level

If people can pay to live in other’s places, why not use their products that have been sparingly used?”, thought Johri, and thus was born Rentomo, an online marketplace where people can borrow items from owners, use the stuff and return it back in same condition.

In a shared economy, buyers and users come together, use shared services and products across a diverse range, and reduce the burden and evils of manufacturing. We have already experienced the goodness of popular taxi hailing cabs like Uber and Ola, housing rentals like AirBnB and Couchsurfing and used goods marketplaces like Quikr and OLX.

Mr.Anshul Johri, co-founder of, in an exclusive interview with Wizoid team shares, how different is Rentomo from all the top players in sharing services?

Rentomo, an online platform that allows users to borrow and rent everyday items they may only occasionally need, and that from and to someone among their trusted network.  The products can be easily uploaded on an easy platform, and rented at a nominal fee, benefitting both the parties.

Founders of, Anshul Johri & Shubham Maheswari, both ex-Amazon are well aware and informed of the goodness and potential involved in a shared economy.

Basically, opens the door to make money from your unused or underused items lying at home and which you don’t want to sell either because you use them occasionally. On the other end, it lets the actual user to use it when it’s needed and not buy a new one for an occasional use only.

Listing of items is as easy & simple like any other online platform existing in this digital world. Upload your items that you’re willing to rent, quote the price, list and start sharing it with your trusted community.

Ok. So, you might wonder how is the Trust factor validated? That is where technology plays a role. Rentomo team says that they are building a tech enabled platform to provide you the richer experience of sharing stuff among your trusted communities/societies/colleges/companies/groups/friends etc..

Live since July 2015, the platform has received a good traction so far, and has more than 350 listings and members from 8 different cities across India.

Our mission is to form a sharing city where you have instant access to everything in your neighbourhood and the vision to see every city becoming a sharing city, as the founders say.

Founders background:

Anshul Johri – ex Amazon.


Shubham Maheshwari – ex Amazon


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